You are awesome ! ! ! ! Thanks so much – we love the pictures…




…you used your talent to give us a gift that is both priceless and timeless.  We’re so appreciative!  Ashley

Hi Nancy!
We viewed our photo session CD this morning, and we are very impressed and happy!
You did such a great job! I personally especially liked the pictures where you played with colors and light! They are so unique!
And you were so right about pictures where my mom is laughing – they came “real” and “natural”.
So thank you very much once again for this wonderful photo session experience!



“Your photos make me smile! Fabulous work.” — Sara



“Great photo! So creative!” — Erin



“You are the best! I love love love all of the pictures that you took :)” — Lauren



I like this one and the one before it, I see a story in your pictures! They are at the beginning together, and the path behind them is going to be their journey through life and they are going to stroll together:) So philosophical, I know! They are beautiful!” – Julia



Fantastic pictures–fantastic people. You are very talented, Nancy. — Carolyn


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